Friendship is Bullshit

07 May

Ever thought about what friendship is?

What it really means?

Well I have and all that I found was that it’s all a piece of bullshit

There is no such thing as friendship

It’s just an excuse that we make

Just to feel safe

Friendship isn’t truly there

It’s just a ghost that we want to see

We want to see it because it makes us feel better

Makes us believe that someone actually cares about us

And don’t say this isn’t true cause it is

Friends want to be with you just for their own benefits

Not because they are your friends

They come to you in times of need all friendly and caring

But once they get what they wanted from you

They throw you away just like a piece of gum

They throw you so that people can walk all over you

Yeah that’s what friends are a piece of gum

Once someone needs it they take it in

But when they are bored of it they throw it away

And only remember it when they need something from it

You might say what I’m saying is bullshit

But deep inside you know it’s true

You know it’s true because you do it all the time

Turn to friends in times of need

And when you don’t need them anymore you ignore them

Just as if they weren’t there

And you start to ignore the ghost that you used to believe in

You stop seeing it

Cause you are now safe

So tell me what is friendship?

Cause dyeing to know

And if you deny it then you are a retard

Yup that what you are a retard

Cause friendship is not the best thing in the world

Even if it is true you’ll end up leaving each other once you finish school

So how is friendship good?

Where is this nice thing about it?

Until someone explains it to me all ill I know is

Friendship is bullshit!!!!


Posted by on May 7, 2011 in Poems


2 responses to “Friendship is Bullshit

  1. john smith

    August 23, 2013 at 10:03 PM

    Bang on! I realized when I read a letter to an agony aunt from a woman getting screwed by her husband’s friend when she was pregnant

  2. Mr Jack

    April 16, 2014 at 3:02 PM

    “Friendship” is the last taboo subject. People are so afraid to question what it really means because that could cost them their so-called friends. We are programmed from before we can even talk to make friends – get more friends. They are just social currency, playing cards in your hand to be traded and discarded; go fish.


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